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    Date: 11th - 13th April 2014
    Venue: Changi General Hospital


    SEMS ASM 2014 is proud to present our inaugural SimWARS!

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Dear colleagues, fellow participants and friends,

My committee and I welcome you to the 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society for Emergency Medicine in Singapore. This annual symposium has blossomed over the years to encapsulate the best of Southeast Asian Emergency Medicine and beyond.

To some it may seem that the humble medical conference is under threat of being made obsolete - the advent of Web 2.0 and willing educators has made E-learning much easier and the need for travel far less pressing. Some, on the other hand, feel that there is nothing like learning in a concentrated time span with human interaction. Instead of fighting it, we have harnessed the powers of social media and got illustrious educators such as Prof. Karim Brohi (trauma.org) and Dr. Colin Parker (empem.org & emergucate.com) to spread their knowledge live and in living colour.

All credit goes to the ASM committee. They have steadfastly stood by their ideals of organising an intellectually stimulating, entertaining and affordable symposium with the intention of fostering not just learning but lifelong relationships as well.

The range of activities offered this year abounds with inclusion and innovation. The schedule this year includes:

  • A plethora of pre-conference workshops suitable for all levels of experience and seniority; from medical students to departmental and system wide managers.
  • A range of tracks to give participants a fine flavour of cutting edge Emergency Medicine and practice updates.
  • Paediatrics is a large component to the agenda this time year due to popular demand.
  • Pre-hospital personnel have been given their own forum
  • Core ED topics of critical care, toxicology and, of course, trauma contain stimulating keynotes and topics
  • The inaugural "SimWars" pits the various hospitals and residents in an entertaining and insightful competition. Simulation, a challenging resus, a live audience and a challenge trophy - now that is a cocktail!

Last but not least, the hospitality offered and the symposium cuisine are uniquely Singaporean. We are fortunate that Singapore, as a tourist and conference destination, is unparalleled in terms of convenience, safety and modernity. Changi General Hospital has the honour to host this event and we hope that the educational, networking and cultural highlights of this Meeting will prompt you to return for many meetings to come.

Adj. A/Prof Rahul Goswami
(on behalf of the SEMS ASM 2014 committee)





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Abstract submission is now closed.